7 Tips to Prepare Hybrid Event Speakers to Shine

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7 Tips to Prepare Hybrid Event Speakers to Shine

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PreparING speakers to shine on the hybrid event stage

As we navigate the new normal working to live with COVID, hybrid events are becoming more and more prevalent within the event industry. The combination of virtual and in-person audiences serve to be a powerful model that provides the flexibility of attending virtually while packing the energetic punch of an in-person event. The hybrid event experience requires event organizers to adapt their approach and be agile with the adoption of new technologies and event tech. But how can speakers proactively adapt their approach for this new reality? Shavonne Hasfal-McIntosh in a chair

Speakers participating in a hybrid event are faced with a new challenge: engaging the in-person audience, as well as the virtual. Both audiences require different levels and methods of interaction and all are taking place simultaneously. Whether you’re an event organizer, attendee, or speaker, hybrid events are an entirely different experience from a typical virtual or in-person-only event.

When speaking on the hybrid event stage, here are a few tips that will help you or your speakers shine:

1. Practice makes perfect

It sounds simple, but practicing the art of engaging and interacting with both unique audience segments simultaneously is critical. Build the time and budget into your planning to rehearse your event fully, with both virtual and in-person speakers. As we all adjust to this new way of experiencing events, practice is crucial! To avoid any confusion during your event and to help put you and your speakers at ease, run through the program in full and be sure to record it. This gives presenters the opportunity to review their presentations or method of delivery and adjust as neededShavonne Hasfal-McIntosh and Karla Briones speaking on stage at AccelerateOTT Hybrid.

2. Acknowledge, Embrace & Engage the Virtual Attendees

To craft an amazing event experience for your audiences, you must guide your speakers on how to successfully engage both virtual and in-person attendees. As an example, remembering to make consistent eye contact with the cameras will help make virtual attendees feel truly immersed within the event. Break the ice within the introduction of your event by asking attendees to interact using the chat by sharing where they’re tuning in from or by asking a fun and light get-to-know-you trivia question. Virtual attendees can ask questions of speakers using the chat and Q&A functions of your virtual platforms. It’s a balancing act that when mastered, will make all the difference for your attendees.

3. Present live, in-person

Masked and socially distanced event attendees applauding in chairs

The energy that is generated from a live event is unmatched; the speakers playing off one another, the engagement from a live audience, the creative backdrops and production effects, all elevate the experience of an event. Although virtual platforms have evolved to mimic these qualities, a live presentation is still ideal. We encourage organizers to arrange to have all speakers present live and in-person, however there can be extenuating circumstances that require speakers to pre-record their presentations or present virtually. Integrating pre-recorded sponsor or promotional content within your agenda can help to provide a buffer for speakers in the event of technical difficulties.

4. Adjust Your Content to the Hybrid FormaT

We’ve determined that speakers must adjust the delivery of their presentations when presenting to a dual, hybrid audience, but it is necessary to also revise the content. Areas of the presentation that engage the audience must be adapted to both audiences. As an example, when asking the audience whether they’ve experienced a particular challenge, remember to include the method of interaction that the virtual audience will use, such as the online poll functionality. Referencing the virtual audience within dialogue also goes a long way to ensuring the virtual side feels the love. If providing examples or references, keep in mind that not all attendees may be local

5. Slow down & Pay attention to body lanGuage

Karla Brines speaking at AccelerateOTT Hybrid

Presenting and speaking virtually requires certain adaptations. We recommend that speakers remember to pause occasionally and slow their speech slightly to ensure the dialogue is transmitted clearly and completely. We call this practice the “pacing of voice reception”. The goal is to avoid sounding incomplete or choppy to those potentially tuning in with unstable internet connections. Maintain virtual eye contact and avoid watching yourself speaking within your camera. Drag your video thumbnail to the top-center of the screen or turn it off completely. Resist the urge to suppress hand gestures or natural, animated body language. Although you’re speaking to a screen, you’re far more interesting to watch when you’re speaking naturally and with enthusiasm.

6. Set the stage

When presenting or speaking on the virtual stage, you must consider the lighting, camera placement, background, and other elements within your space in a similar way that a production crew would. We recommend placing your camera at eye level using a laptop raiser or books so that the audience feels they are speaking to you directly. Adjust your background to be interesting, but not distracting. A plant, painting, or bookshelf can help to add visual interest. Invest in proper lighting. A well-lit area will help you hold your audience’s attention longer. Make sure to brighten your face; we recommend investing in the newly popular ring lights. Think about your attire and ask yourself “does my shirt or jacket match the colour of the wall behind me? Is the pattern too loud and distracting?”.

7. optimize the functionality of your hybrid event platform

Image of screen with two on-camera speakers for AccelerateOTT HybridYour hybrid event platform will have a range of features and functions to enhance the experience of your virtual audience. Guiding your speakers to embrace these features and work them into their content is a total game-changer. Instruct your speakers to ask questions that engage both the virtual and in-person audiences and ask that everyone respond within the chat. Ensure that both audiences feel heard by acknowledging responses made by both parties. Weave the opportunity to conduct live polls and display the results in real-time on the screens within the venue. Consider building video rooms into the design of your hybrid event. This will give attendees the chance to have 1:1 connections with your speakers following the presentation.


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