5 Tips for Hosting Post-Pandemic Events

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5 Tips for Hosting Post-Pandemic Events

By: Lisa Hewston
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Lisa Hewston

Undoubtedly, the last few years were challenging for the world of events. Hosting events within the uncertain environment of a pandemic was difficult. Even the most experienced event planners and organizers found the ever-changing health protocols, capacity limitations, and sudden lockdowns, disruptive to their ability to plan and host in-person events. Many events were cancelled, down scaled and others migrated to a virtual format.

Now that cities and events are re-opening, many people are excited to participate in public gatherings again. Even those who still have health concerns are often willing to attend if organizers take basic precautions.  

Here are five ways organizers can promote public health and safety for their staff, speakers, and guests:


1. Host a Hybrid Event 

The flexibility of the hybrid event model provides organizers the ability to be agile during ever-changing environments. Hybrid events capture the energy and excitement of an in-person event with a connected virtual audience. Organizers can arrange a stage with panel discussions, backdrops, lighting, etc. Depending upon capacity restrictions, you may still have a live audience that is critical to engage with your speakers. The in-person element will elevate a virtual event to the next level.  

There are many additional benefits to hosting a hybrid event that you should consider. Hybrid events maximize budget, allowing you to host a larger audience without renting a larger venue. You will save on the costs of food and beverage by only having to serve the portion of your audience that is in-person. Participants and attendees who may not previously been able to attend due to travel, scheduling, or other restrictions, can tune in virtually.  

In the event that there are unexpected, sudden changes to restrictions or capacity, organizers have contingencies offering a virtual solution. Whether there is a provincial lockdown or a snowstorm, organizers and attendees have the peace of mind to know the show will go on regardless by simply switching to a virtual model.  Learn more about hosting Hybrid Events at Bayview Yards. 

2. Communicate Expectations Clearly & Consistently 

Take the time to establish the health and safety policies associated with your event and communicate them consistently and clearly. It is not safe to assume that your guests will expect and understand all regulations to be followed. By identifying the health guidelines of your event and ensuring they are consistent with the venue hosting your event, will ease the minds of your attendees and avoid potential misunderstanding. Spelling out clear expectations in general advertising and personal invitations is crucial to hosting a successful event. If the event organizers prefer that all their guests wear face coverings, they should make that clear before the event. 

Here are some questions to consider: 

– Do you require guests to provide proof of vaccination upon entry?
– Is it mandatory for guests to wear face coverings?
– Will you collect guests’ information for contact tracing?
– Will there be health screening stations in place?  

Learn more about the Health and Safety Protocols in place at Bayview Yards. 

 3. Consider Health & Safety Protocols  

Masked speaker standing at a podiumDuring flu season and especially since the pandemic, promoting good hygiene is more important than ever. Bringing groups of people together can be stressful while viral illnesses spread. Here are a few tips to level up guests’ confidence and help ensure their well-being:

– Incorporate hand-washing stations into your event
– Scatter hand sanitizer around the venue
– Use a seating chart
– Serve guests individually instead of with a self-serve buffet
– Have drink refill pitchers assigned to individual tables
– Wrap food packages individually 

4. Choose a Venue with Indoor & Outdoor Options 


Bayview Yards terrace

By selecting a venue with outdoor spaces, organizers can transition aspects of their event outside. Look for spaces with terraces or patios that provide more flexibility in terms of capacity. Tent rentals can be a potential solution to host your event outdoors, regardless of weather. Your guests may be more comfortable in the open-air, enjoying nature.  

Check out our terrace. 

5. Adjust Food and Beverage 

Seated person holding an open bookWhen selecting the menu for your guests, we recommend single serve, grab-and-go, wrapped food. Boxed lunches are a great option. The less contact staff or guests have with utensils or open food, the better. We recommend avoiding open bowls that guests serve themselves from, like salads. Although this approach may be more costly, your guests will appreciate the precaution.  

For guests who are attending virtually, consider providing a gift card to a local restaurant or Uber Eats voucher. This could be an opportunity to highlight a partner or sponsor.  

About the author

Lisa Hewston

Lisa Hewston – Senior Manager, Infrastructure Services

Greetings, I am the senior manager of infrastructure services here at Bayview Yards.  I’ve had an extensive career within the hospitality industry, having executed hundreds of social and corporate events. I’m passionate about creating exciting events that guests will remember. I am committed to ensuring the best possible experience for you and your guests. I hope you will join us soon to host your next event. 

Our team is passionate about creating memorable and exciting events based upon health and safety best practices. We’re here to help guide you through these uncertain times using modern solutions. Connect with us today!

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