Spotlight at the Lab: Joel Koscielski, Senior Manager, Design & Fabrication

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Spotlight at the Lab: Joel Koscielski, Senior Manager, Design & Fabrication

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The Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab welcomes a new addition to our family! Joel Koscielski joins our team within the role of Senior Manager, Design & Fabrication. With a decade of experience within the medical device product development and production industry, Joel has a wealth of experience creating solutions to real life problems impacting our community and the world. He has the technical ability to support along all stages of product development from initial ideation, mechanical and electrical design, design evaluation, verification and validation testing and production methodologies. With hands on experience in all forms of manufacturing methodologies including manual and CNC subtractive fabrication, various forms of additive manufacturing, machine assembly and troubleshooting, Joel is eager to work on the unique client projects that the Lab supports. 

1. What was the most impactful project you’ve worked on? 

I’m fortunate to have worked on many impactful projects throughout my career, however the opportunity to work with First Robotics Canada is particularly near and dear to my heart. I began my relationship with this organization as a student and went full circle transitioning into the role of lead mentor. The opportunity to inspire and foster curiosity for science and technology within younger generations is so rewarding.  

FIRST Robotics Canada is a registered charity with a mission to inspire Canadian high school and elementary school students to pursue further studies and careers in science, technology and engineering. It pursues its mission primarily through offering opportunities for students, working in teams and assisted by expert adult mentors, to build robots and to take part in tournaments which feature on-field competitions, judged awards and other forms of recognition, potentially including university and college scholarships.

2. What trends do you see emerging in the field of rapid prototyping? 

The field of Additive Manufacturing (AD) is being adopted by mainstream users with the rise of low cost, 3D printers for personal use. AD solutions are being utilized in a wider range of applications. We’re seeing 3D printing entering new industries like medical, automotive, aerospace, and much more. SME’s are integrating AM into their existing production workflow and also utilizing these methods to build custom parts.  

I’ve observed the use of systems such as virtual and alternative reality alongside advances in simulation systems providing entrepreneurs the ability to experience a simulation of their concept before building into physical form. This strategy can cut down on the volume of iterations within their product development journey.  

3. What excites you about this new role? What impact do you hope to make on the community? 

I’ve chosen roles along my career path that align with my core values and beliefs. The mission and mandate of the Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab is to support our local community to ideate and build products that change the world. The opportunity to be creative while leveraging my expertise to support local innovation was what led me to join this team. Working with entrepreneurs and small business owners to bring their idea to life, launch a business, and drive our economy, brings me fulfillment. That moment when a client sees their vision built and working for the first time is truly special. Together we’re building something that will improve the lives of others.  

4. Was there anything unexpected that you’ve learned about the Lab that you hadn’t previously been aware of? 

The Lab has a relatively small footprint and focused team, yet the capabilities and expertise collected within this organization are very impressive. The knowledge and skillset of this group of professionals are passionate, creative, committed, and knowledgeable about their subject matter. The capabilities of our shop are vast; we use advanced design, prototyping, and manufacturing equipment, tools, and technologies. We have one of the largest 3D printers in North America. The Lab brings together individual expertise and an impressive tool box. This is a winning combination for our clients.  

5. Share your experience with prototyping. What was the most challenging and exciting part of developing a new product idea? 

Throughout my experience developing medical devices with Spartan Bioscience, I had the opportunity to ideate new products, create a design, develop a build strategy, problem solve manufacturing challenges, and test various iterations of the prototype. In other words, I’ve experienced the rapid prototyping design journey from start to finish from the lens of an entrepreneur. The process is exciting, challenging, and rewarding. Presenting the final prototype to our stakeholders, proving the validity and functionality of our concept in real life, is an amazing feeling. Knowing that this product will improve the way in which health care professionals deliver quality care to their patients is the best part of all, the outcome.  

6. Do you have advice for early-stage entrepreneurs that you’d like to share? 

Spend extra time to understand the problem you are trying to solve and what demand there is for a solution as this can be key in shaping what aspect of your idea to spend extra time on. Be flexible! Consider alternative solutions and use cases that your concept might satisfy, which may be a departure from your original expectations. Allow us to be innovative with your idea. This can be a huge boost to your business and bring your solution in front of new people whom you had never anticipated. Experiment and be open minded during the ideation phase of your journey.  

meet joel koscielski, senior manager of design and fabrication at the lab

Joel KoscielskiWithin the role of Senior Manager of Design and Fabrication, Joel manages a cross-functional team to collaborate with clients to overcome challenges through the ideation, formal design, evaluation, and prototype manufacturing stages along the prototyping journey. Joel brings a decade of experience within the medical device development space within a wide range of engineering and manufacturing positions. With a strong theoretical and hands-on approach, Joel ensures products delivered by the team effectively meet our client’s unique needs, including supporting drawings, design evaluation reports, or assembly/maintenance manuals. Not afraid to get his hands dirty, operating the full range of shop equipment to get things done will help ensure there are always enough hands to get the job done on time and to client specifications.  He is passionate about out-of-the-box thinking, continuous improvement, and building a world-class team to help the Ottawa of tomorrow be the best that it can be. 

When Joel is not working in the Lab, he dedicates his time to mentoring the youth of tomorrow through educational robotics programs, both as a volunteer at local events and as a mentor. This dedication even resulted in the founding of a new non-profit, Ottawa Community Education Robotics Association (OCERA), to help bring more STEM education to youth across the city. In the gaps between this you’ll find him cooking up a storm or using his own 3D printer to improve his house in any way he can find. 

Favourite Tools: Haas VF1 CNC, Markforged Metal X 

Wherever you are along your journey, we’re here to help. Connect with us to discuss your idea or project.

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