I love it here! The energy in the building, the commitment to work my colleagues exude – you know that folks are engaged at a high level and that challenges me to bring my best every day. On a typical day, I connect, engage, research, learn, write, repeat.

Joanne Gardner

Director, Advanced Manufacturing and Digital Media Lab, GovTech Prototyping

Joanne Gardner
When the opportunity arose to join Bayview Yards, I didn’t hesitate to move from Toronto to Ottawa for it. The team here is incredibly passionate about their work and constantly uplift each other – for that, I am always motivated to give it my best. The building itself is a joy to work out of, both aesthetically and functionally as there are many locations you can post up at. Overall, being able to work on various projects and learn new things in a collaborative environment has been the best experience.

Nilay patel

Network and Support Analyst

Nilay Patel headshot
Start-ups are always something I’ve been passionate about since going to the Bay Area a couple of years ago.  Bayview gives me the opportunity to work with several instead of just one and, I feel, really exudes the people-first values and culture that I found so admirable about many organizations in NoCal.

Alannah Hlavacek

Client Experience & Operations Coordinator


National Capital Region's Top Employers 2020


Recognized as one of National Capital Region’s Top Employers (2020)