8 Tips for Hosting a Successful Hybrid Event

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8 Tips for Hosting a Successful Hybrid Event

Hosting your first hybrid event can feel like a daunting task. Many event organizers and producers have mastered the art of planning live, in-person events, but feel uncomfortable with the potential challenges that a hybrid event model poses.

Here are our top 8 tips that will help you when planning your hybrid event:

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1. Select the right streaming option.

Every streaming platform has its benefits and drawbacks. Select the most effective option to meet the unique goals of your event. Your Event Coordinator can provide recommendations.

2. Plan for flexibility.


Whether we are navigating a pandemic or an expected severe snowstorm, planning for flexibility is key. Plans can change at the last minute and if not for the flexibility of a hybrid event, participants may cancel. Giving attendees the option to tune in virtually and be open-minded about the format of your event can provide the adaptability required for a successful event.

Sonya Shorey sits in a chair on stage at a hybrid AccelerateOTT event with screens behind her showing on-camera speakers.3. Combine live & pre-recorded content for a balanced agenda.

Integrate a combination of pre-recorded content and live streaming within your event. This will take the pressure off the speakers and organizers, knowing that recorded content can be easily interjected if there are technical challenges. In addition, this format is more interesting for your viewers.

4. Work with professionals.

Although anyone can open a Zoom account and host an event, working our skilled professionals who know our facility and equipment will take your events to the next level and giving your event the credibility, it deserves.

5. Interact with both your live and virtual audiences.

Hybrid events allow both types of audiences to connect and participate. As a result, you enjoy more engagement and interactivity as compared to a strictly virtual event. Use social media to encourage engagement.

6. Increase your reach and connect your audiences.

Hybrid events allow you to engage with participants on a global scale. Live polling, chat rooms, direct messaging, and digital business card exchanging will allow your attendees to network and connect with each other on an international scale.

AccelerateOTT hybrid event in session with speakers in front of a seated audience.7. Host speakers on-site.

The hybrid event model provides the flexibility to host your speakers virtually or live. We highly encourage to have any speakers or panel discussions be held live, in-person. This will add the professionalism and wow factor that will take your event to the next level. The energy and interaction that takes place in-person will keep your virtual audience engaged.

8. Follow-up with attendees post-event.

The best practice of thanking attendees following your event still applies to hybrid events. This is an essential step. Consider sending participants a recording of the event for their records, follow-up on questions, and encourage your audience to engage further with your brand.

Hybrid events are a trend that isn’t going anywhere. Let’s discuss how we can help you host your hybrid event today!

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