Announcing OrbMedic Inc. as the Winner of the Bayview Yards Idea to Proof of Concept Competition!

OTTAWA, December 9, 2020 – With much excitement, Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab announced the winner of the Idea to Proof of Concept Competition! OrbMedic Inc. was awarded a prototype development package valued at $5,000. The package consisted of design sessions and the initial fabrication of a proof of concept prototype.

The Lab launched the Idea to Proof of Concept Competition as a community outreach initiative to provide one entrepreneur with the jumpstart they need to launch their product concept. In partnership with Flex, we called upon local entrepreneurs to pitch their idea to us through a competitive process. Applicants were evaluated upon the technical feasibility and manufacturability of their idea, but most importantly, whether their product effectively solved a real-world problem amidst the recent pandemic. Learn more about the competition here.

Many thoughtful, inspiring, and innovative applications were received in response to our competition. We tip our caps to all entrepreneurs and innovators who submitted their application and contributed to the success of our competition. We continue to be wowed and inspired by the creativity and innovation of local entrepreneurs.

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Selecting a WInner 

Selecting a winner from such quality applicants was no easy task. We enlisted the support of industry professionals to evaluate all submissions. The Lab is grateful to our panelists for lending us time in their exceedingly busy schedules to thoroughly review and participate in some animated discussions leading to the selection of the winning idea:

  • Joanne Gardner, Director of Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab
    As Director of Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab, Joanne leads a team of experts in traditional and additive manufacturing. Together, they have supported countless entrepreneurs, innovators, and small businesses to validate their ideas and build impactful, quality products.
  • Jacques Renaud, Advisor at Invest Ottawa
    Jacques provides valuable insight and guidance to entrepreneurs and small business owners within Invest Ottawa’s Accelerator Program. With a specialization in product management, he is equipped with expertise in hardware and IOT, and is a maker in his own right.
  • Christine Genge, Partner at Smart & Biggar
    Christine is a partner at Smart & Biggar and leader of the industrial design practice, helping a wide range of companies protect and commercialize IP and mechanical innovations. With a background in mechanical and research engineering, and expertise as a lawyer and patent agent, Christine provides practical insights to her clients. Smart & Biggar is Invest Ottawa’s corporate partner for all things IP.
  • Justin Sutherland, CEO of Realize Medical
    No one understands the entrepreneurial journey better than an entrepreneur. Justin is the CEO of Realize Medical, a software company utilizing virtual reality to enhance medical modeling. Justin and his team were successful in many IO hosted competitions such as ‘Best Pitch’ for Pre-Accelerator Cohort 4 and the Healthtech Pre-Accelerator Pilot Program. Justin has worked with the Lab through many phases of his product development journey.

Congratulations OrbMedic Inc.!

“Congratulations to OrbMedic Inc. for their innovative approach to combating mental health challenges. We are pleased to support them through their product development journey.”
  • Joanne Gardner, Director of Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab

Local entrepreneur Sonny Chaiwala of OrbMedic Inc. presented his concept for a health and wellness tool that will combat mental health issues with clarity and consideration. Emotional well-being is the cornerstone of health and wellness. As emotional beings, people experience a spectrum of emotional highs and lows on a regular basis. Subtle precursor patterns to these emotional fluctuations usually go undetected. Individuals may find themselves requiring medical attention for health issues originating from emotional imbalances that may have been mitigated if treated sooner. Early detection and analysis of emotional patterns and automated therapy will help individuals to take action. 70% of individuals with mental health issues never seek treatment and the economic burden in Canada is estimated at $51 billion and are expected to cost the global economy $16 trillion by 2030.

OrbMedic Inc. plans to build a health tech product that will aid in mood regulation and improve the emotional and physical well-being of its user. This project will require the collaboration of many subject matter experts within the Lab, across a range of disciplines including Electronics, Mechanical and Industrial Design. We are thrilled to provide a consolidated approach to building a proof of concept prototype that will address a real-world problem that impacts so many people.


Featured QUOTES 

“It was a pleasure to participate in the review of the entries, which provided a window into local innovation, and what is being done in the Prototyping Lab at Bayview Yards to promote and support technology entrepreneurs.  I was impressed by the range of entries, both in terms of the industries and the stages of development.”
Christine Genge, Partner at Smart & Biggar

“It was interesting to see the various products that Ottawa based companies are working on designing.  Lots of creativity out there and it’s great that Ottawa has resources like the Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams.”
Justin Sutherland, CEO of Realize Medical

“I really enjoyed being part of this great initiative! I like the Orb Medic project because of the large and fast-growing market they will be targeting. I look forward to seeing their idea take shape, and am excited to be providing OrbMedic Inc. with advisory support.”
Jacques Renaud, Advisor at Invest Ottawa


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