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The Lab operates a full-service design studio, fabrication shop, and digital media lab – all under one roof. Our team has guided a wide variety of companies in many industry and stages through every phase of the prototyping journey – from initial product and design strategy to detailed design, fabrication, iteration and validation.

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Collaborative and Iterative Process

As an extension of your team, we collaborate with you through the design process to get a deep understanding of your vision and desired outcome. We quickly build functional rapid iterations which optimize quality and performance, while reducing risk, cost, and future hurdles.

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Expertise and Technical Capabilities

Bayview Yards is home to a unique ecosystem of programs and services built to turn ideas into growing companies. The lab is outfitted with the expertise, capabilities, and equipment to adhere to any project's detailed specifications and requirements. We have everything you need to move your business forward, faster.

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The Product Development Journey

From idea to the world, the product development journey is demanding and requires a sustained commitment. The process of bringing a product to market often requires several iterations of a design in order to meet performance specifications, market acceptance, and production efficiency. While not always linear, the four staged approach will move your idea through several phases of design and fabrication, each prototype iteration will be used to test, learn, and evolve the design before arriving at a product that will meet market acceptance. 

At the Lab, we will work with you to get a prototype in the hands of your users sooner where you can test out your product’s functionality and key features before investing in the bells and whistles. Once you have iterated, tested and refined your proof of concept, our team will guide you towards industry partners that will help you finalize a fully engineered production ready prototype that you can manufacture to share it with the world.  

Phase 1 Concept Design 

Get Prototype Ready 

  • Visualize and refine your idea 
  • Brainstorm and ideate your product vision through sketches and digital design models 
  • Start to explore the function, form, and features of your idea that are supported by early market research  
  • Outputs include 3D digital renderings and mock-ups to show target clients or potential partners 

Phase 2: Proof of Concept 

Design, Build, Test, Iterate 

  • Enter the rapid prototype development cycle 
  • Validate your idea and prove it will work with functional rapid iterations  
  • Detailed design for usage context, general appearance, size, and technical feasibility 
  • Ensure viability and buildability with mechanical adjustments such as size, strength, and considerations for fabrication 
  • Build and iterate your proof of concept prototypes using off the shelf electronics components and rapid prototyping techniques like 3D printing, advanced and/or traditional manufacturing, and fabrication.  
  • Throughout this phase, customer discovery and testing is key.  

Phase 3: Design for Manufacturing 

Adapt for Manufacturing 

  • Finalize a fully engineered production ready prototype 
  • Optimize the design, define engineered tolerances, and identify the process and materials to be used for production manufacturing  
  • Estimate costs and identify any potential risks.  
  • Your fully functional pre-production prototype will undergo testing for product verification and to gain the right certifications required for your product standards. 

Phase 4: Manufacture 

Get Production Ready 

  • It is GO time 
  • Identify and confirm materials, assemblies, contracts, and costs.  
  • Prepare for manufacturing by building relationship with an established contract manufacturing partner who you can work with long term to manufacture in various quantities.  
  • Arrange for delivery and distribution of the final product.  
  • It’s also the time to be giving consideration to the end of life plan for the product. 
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Service Packages

Validate your concept using a systematic process with proven results.


Proof of Concept Package

Explore your idea with our team

Use early stage research to gain insight

Validate your concept

Create a Demonstrative 3D Design Model


Prototyping Design Package

Combine industrial, electronics, and mechanical design to create your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Select components, materials, and means of fabrication

Create a CAD Design Model (functional aspects included)

Define the next steps in your journey


Fabrication Package

Bring your idea to the tangible world

Execute your project using advanced manufacturing tools

Create custom, made-to-order parts


Digital Storytelling Package

Tell your brand story

Showcase professional grade photos of your prototype

Create live-action promotional videos

Develop product showcases and teaser videos

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