Unveiling the Connected City

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Unveiling the Connected City

In this modern era, connectivity is more significant than ever before: both physically and digitally. Urban communities are forever searching for ways to increase access to information and communication and seeking solutions for sustainable mobility. Bayview Yards captured this in a custom piece of artwork designed for the City of Ottawa. The piece illustrates the concept of a smart, connected city in which urbanized challenges are met with advanced technological solutions and modern transportation. It commemorates the introduction and expansion of OC Transpo’s O-Train, a light rail transit system that connects the nation’s capital. Titled The Connected City, the team at the Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab (BYPL) collaborated to create this unique sculpture.  

Invest Ottawa and the City of Ottawa staff posing in front of the Bayview Yards' Prototyping Lab's artwork titles Connected City. The artwork was a donation in honour of the OC Transpo O-Train.
Invest Ottawa and City of Ottawa leaders pose in front of the newly installed artwork titled “Connected City,” a piece designed and donated by the Bayview Yards’ Prototyping Lab. Captured in the image from left to right is: Michael Tremblay, Sonya Shorey, John Manconi, Steve Kanellakos, and Allan Hubley.
The Concept 

The design began with a silhouette sketch of the city of Ottawa, incorporating notable elements such as Parliament Hill, the Peace Tower, OC Transpo’s O-train and other buildings within the city skylineCircuit boards were then incorporated throughout the design to add visual interest through repetition of parallel line work. Intricate formations of triangular patterns represent digital clouds while referencing the Bayview Yards branding. Industrial materials were selected in keeping with the urban theme 

A digital version of the Bayview Yards' Prototyping Lab's artwork, "Connected City."
The Connected City Brushed Aluminum and Plexi Glass. Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab, 2020
Technical Skills 

The Graphic Designer manipulated the drawing using a software tool and then adjusted the design to create an illustration that would allow the team to cut the aluminum using the CNC Water Jet. 

This industrial machine uses a high-pressure jet stream of water and a mixture of an abrasive substance to penetrate dense and thick material such as metal, stone, etc. Though this machine is powerful, it can execute detailed cuts with precession and ease.  The fabricator finished the metalwork by lightly sanded the surface to produce a brushed texture. 

Tick Tock Tom, metal sculptor, using the CNC Water Jet to BYPL to cut the metal to build artwork.
The CNC Water Jet at BYPL was used by Tick Tock Tom to cut the intricate details of this sculpture with precision.

Red plexiglass was fitted behind various cut-outs throughout the piece to add colour and visual interest that was in-keeping with the iconic OC Transpo branding. Metal dowels were then fitted to the back of the artwork so that once installed, the silhouette floated from the wall.  

The Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab

At the BYPL, the team thrives on helping clients solve design and manufacturing challenges. 

Do you think you have a viable idea but know that you haven’t explored its full potential?  Our subject matter expertise, supportive team, and entrepreneurial culture provide exponential value to our clients, their prototyping process and the product development journey. Early-stage research, conceptualization, and representational 3D modelling are just some of the services we offer. 

Trust our team to execute your project and do it while leveraging the latest advanced manufacturing tools, technologies and processes.  

Contact us today to discuss your project or idea. 

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