Canada’s Farm to Table Agritech Network (CFTAN)

Together with industry, academia, government and non-profit partners, Bayview Yards is pleased to lead the development of a Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) proposal that addresses Stream 4: Automation and Digital Technologies in the Agriculture and Agri-food Sector. Together, we aim to establish Canada’s Farm to Table Agritech Network (CFTAN).

Please find below an initial overview of the proposed network concept and current partners engaged to date.


Building on internationally-recognized strengths in ICT, autonomous systems and agri-innovation, CFTAN is the first pan-Canadian R&D network of its kind. Led by Bayview Yards, it brings together industry, academia, government and non-profits to seize a multi-billion dollar global market. CFTAN will enable the development, validation, demonstration and adoption of data-driven integrated, scalable smart-ag solutions that improve productivity, performance, profitability, safety and sustainability across the entire agri-food value chain:

  • Farm
  • Processing
  • Transportation
  • Table: Retailers/consumers

CFTAN will:

  • Increase sector competitiveness/ prosperity: New global markets/exports, investment, jobs
  • Improve food nutrition, safety, traceability
  • Reduce environmental footprint
  • Reduce risk and inform decision-makers: Metrics, policy/regulatory recommendations

Leveraging existing innovation investments/clusters, public/private farm lands, disruptive ICT capabilities, and tech innovators across the country, it will provide integrated physical/virtual capabilities including: communications/wireless infrastructure; sensors/IoT/networks; AI data analytics platforms; automation/robotics/AVs; prototyping; cybersecurity, etc.  CAFTN will accelerate the scaling, commercialization and adoption of farm-to-table solutions in domestic and global markets.




Would you like to learn more about our proposal, and explore opportunities to contribute?

Please contact Sonya Shorey, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Bayview Yards and Invest Ottawa: