Yes, we are open to the public and happy to serve a range of clients. Anyone is welcome to use the Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab services. Our clients are entrepreneurs, startups, scale-ups, post-secondary students and researchers, corporate innovation and R&D teams, and government organizations.

No, we are not currently a Maker Space. Our highly specialized technicians are trained and licensed to operate our equipment.

Yes, we are committed to the privacy of our clients. We are bound under a Non-Disclosure Agreement within the organization.

Yes, anything researched, designed or built in the Prototyping Lab on behalf of a client is entirely the property of that client and is handed over to them upon the completion of their project. We do not have any claim to it.

Yes, no experience with prototyping is required to access the prototyping lab services. Our specialty is early-stage prototyping, specifically in researching, designing, and fabricating proof of concept prototypes. Our services and capabilities are designed for clients, just like you, to take a phased approach to prototyping!

It depends. We generally recommend that all clients have their 3D modelling completed in-house as it ensures the best quality of print, designed for the required printer specifications. For files that are ready to be printed, we invite you to submit a 3D model to be reviewed for printing. We are unable to guarantee the result of any print from a design not created or reviewed by our designers in-house.

Yes. We can schedule a client consultation to understand your application better and prepare recommendations. From there, we can determine what prototype would be suitable for your needs- from a combination of breakout boards, to an all-in-one circuit board.

Yes, we do offer On-Demand Services with a minimum billable of one hour for machine set up and work.

This depends entirely on our current capacity. To submit an intake form and begin a work request, please click here.

Yes, we can have a client intake meeting (virtually, or in person) and determine what the best route to go to transform your idea into reality. To submit an intake form and schedule a call, please click here.

We run workshops on Prototyping 101 which also offers the chance to see our lab. Workshops are currently on pause because of the pandemic. Stay tuned for more info!

No, we do not.

For more information, please request a consultation.

We look forward to discussing your project or idea with you!

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