We help innovators design, build, and launch tangible prototypes

We offer professional services, advanced manufacturing, and rapid prototyping. Entrepreneurs, startups, and firms can access subject matter experts and high-tech equipment that will advance them towards their product development goals.

We are a passionate team of creatives, designers, engineers and fabricators who specialize in bringing ideas into tangible working prototypes. As an extension of your R&D Team, trust that we will treat your product development as if it was our own.

We serve entrepreneurs, innovators, startups, established firms, and members of our local, national and global innovation community! BYPL is the gateway to Ottawa’s vibrant and creative ecosystem and beyond.

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Meet Our Team

Joanne Gardner

Director, Prototyping Lab

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In Joanne’s role as Director, she is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the Prototyping Lab. This includes strategic planning, program development, business development, and facilitating client, partnership, and stakeholder engagement. Having worked in corporate boardrooms, on the ground on development projects, in a government office, and on the floor of an industrial production line, she is able to combine the learnings from these experiences to lead this creative, passionate, and committed team to deliver innovative new prototypes on behalf of innovators, entrepreneurs and emerging tech firms. 

When she’s not marvelling at the work the team creates, Joanne supports social profit organizations in her community. She is also an avid runner, curler, and cheerleader to two curious and joyful kiddos.

Joel Koscielski

Senior Manager, Design & Fabrication

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Within the role of Senior Manager of Design and Fabrication, Joel manages a cross-functional team to collaborate with clients to overcome challenges through the ideation, formal design, evaluation, and prototype manufacturing stages along the prototyping journey. Joel brings a decade of experience within the medical device development space within a wide range of engineering and manufacturing positions. With a strong theoretical and hands-on approach, Joel ensures products delivered by the team effectively meet our client’s unique needs, including supporting drawings, design evaluation reports, or assembly/maintenance manuals. Not afraid to get his hands dirty, operating the full range of shop equipment to get things done will help ensure there are always enough hands to get things done on time and to client specifications.  He is passionate about out-of-the-box thinking, continuous improvement, and building a world-class team to help the Ottawa of tomorrow be the best that it can be.


When Joel is not working in the Lab, he dedicates his time to mentoring the youth of tomorrow through educational robotics programs, both as a volunteer at local events and as a mentor.  This dedication even resulted in the founding of a new non-profit, Ottawa Community Education Robotics Association (OCERA), to help bring more STEM education to youth across the city. In the gaps between this you’ll find him cooking up a storm or using his own 3D printer to improve his house in any way he can find.


Favourite Tools: Haas VF1 CNC, Markforged Metal X

Pablo Arzate

Industrial Designer

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Pablo is our Industrial Designer. He has experience designing products for healthcare, science, and fashion and other consumer product industries. His design technique is based strongly on collaboration and experimentation. Pablo’s creative and technical skills shine when designing for additive manufacturing especially when approached in rapid prototyping cycles. 

Pablo’s experience can help you bring your ideas to life. He’ll work with you to select the best technology to manufacture your product through 3D printing and other exceptional prototyping Lab capabilities. 

On the side, Pablo is a drone hobbyist, designing and manufacturing lightweight UAV’s. He also provides jewelry brands with unique custom 3D model collections and even has a company of his own.

Favourite tools: Fortus and Formlabs Printers

Petr Maur

Photographer, Videographer, Graphic Designer

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Petr is our Graphic Designer, Videographer, Photographer. He brings over 20+ years of experience in photo and video production, including filming, editing, and sound and graphic design. Petr relies on a suite of commercial grade tools and technologies to bring clients’ stories to life and seamlessly integrates branding guides into the advanced prototype manufacturing processes.  

Petr has many years of experience in the arts and entertainment industry. He has worked as a stills photographer on commercial film productions, a music video director and a graphic designer for independent businesses.

Favourite tools: CNC Waterjet & 360 camera

Tom O'Leary

Fabrication Shop Technician, and Machine Operator

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Tom is our Fabrication Shop Technician & Machine Operator. His background is in mechanical assembly and fabrication; he spent many years on an assembly line building truck-mounted auxiliary power units. Tom then specialized as the operator of robotic welding systems at a local metal fabrication plant. In addition, Tom has spent nearly a decade working in the film industry, building sets and working with a special effects crew.

When not in the shop, Tom uses discarded devices, found objects, and other shiny materials to create scrap metal sculptures. An example of his work, Climbing Cliff, can be seen hanging above the red staircase at the front entrance of Bayview Yards.

Favourite tool: Omax Waterjet

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