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Proof of Concept Package

Ideal for Ideation Stage Companies or Products.

Explore different solutions, and the best design approaches through ideation, brainstorming, and experimentation with our collaborative, expert team.

Use early-stage research, conceptualization and representational 3D modelling services to ensure your idea has reached its potential. Polish your idea through our rapid and cost-effective approach.

What do our clients get?

A visual representation of your idea & the research to make early decisions.

Co-Design Session: ideation, brainstorming, and sketches

Summary of Findings: early research, feasibility of design, analysis of viability to fabricate

3D Modelling: conceptualize to understand the look and feel

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“I love the development team in the Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab. It's all you need in one place”

- Raphael Cohen, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of ETEK Sports

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Prototyping Design Package

Ideal for Entrepreneurs within the Discovery Stage and Companies with Proof Concept Designed Who Want to Add Functionality

Fine-tune the details of your product by allowing our team to combine industrial and mechanical design to create a 3D model. This model can determine your product's various parts (represented at coherent sizing) and details mechanical adjustments and manufacturing considerations for prototyping.

Our robotics and electronics designer will enable the development of IoT smart devices​ and electronics prototype. Our advanced secondary research will identify components, materials, and means of fabrication.

We'll help bring your idea into the tangible world and prepare to launch into the next stage of your prototyping journey.

What do our clients get?

A fully designed prototype & research to make longer view decisions.

Co-Design Session: ideation, brainstorming, and sketches

Industrial Design

Mechanical Design & Engineering

Electronics Design

Secondary research: components, materials, and means of fabrication.

Prep files for fabrication

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“It is important for me to be able to speak directly with the product designer to collaborate effectively.”

- Niek Van Dierdonck, CEO of Redlore

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Fabrication Package

Ideal for Clients Who Are Ready to Build From Design Files or Have an Early Prototype

Benefit from the superior equipment and subject matter expertise of our experienced team. Trust us to build your project while we leverage the latest advanced manufacturing tools, technologies and processes.

Access reserved guaranteed time for custom made-to-order parts and small batch fabrications.

What do our clients get?

A physical prototype to test

3D Printing: an array of materials, sizes, fidelity, quality, consistency, and detail

Metal 3D Printing: complex geometries and high precision

IOT Hardware: and milling of test circuit boards to create intelligent and connected prototypes

Printing & Milling: test circuit boards

Advanced manufacturing: build parts and components in a variety of materials and finishes

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“We wouldn’t have something physically in hand for the launch of our product without the Prototyping Lab.”

- Dr. Justin Sutherland, Co-Founder of Realize Medical

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Promotion Package

Ideal for any stage companies who are ready to launch their stories.

Collaborate with our creative team to tell your brand story using our suite of commercial grade tools and technologies.

Showcase professional-grade photos of your product or prototype for websites, social media or print content. Create live-action promotional videos to enhance credibility with potential clients or investors. Develop product showcases and teaser videos that effectively convey your mission and call-to-action (without the use of motion graphics, animation or 3D imaging).

What do our clients get?

Photo, video, and physical assets, including:

Video Production

3D Scanning Services

Full range of Photography Services

Creative branding concepts

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“We wouldn’t have won our contracts without them. We had to meet strict deliverables and Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab helped us meet them.”

- Rick Whittaker, Co-Founder of AirShare

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Our Capabilities

The capabilities of our shop are vast; we use advanced design, prototyping, and manufacturing equipment, tools and technologies. From additive manufacturing and 3D printing to building circuit boards, advanced fabrication, and traditional machine work. We use a wide variety of advanced equipment and quality materials. Together, we can determine the best approach to your design needs.

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