What Do We Do?

Bayview Yards is a dynamic and energized hub that serves as basecamp for some of our greatest homegrown technology talent, capabilities and companies.

It brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, investors and community members to:

  • Harness creativity and imagination
  • Explore, experiment and invent
  • Learn, exchange and collaborate
  • Develop, validate and translate new ideas into technologies, products and services
  • Launch and grow successful technology companies of the future

It is the ultimate one-stop shop and ‘mash-up’ of technical, business and market capabilities, resources and expertise that helps technology entrepreneurs and companies launch, grow and thrive.   Leveraging a host of partners, this powerful intersection brings together all the ingredients for commercial success under one roof.

These include:

  • Incubation, collaboration and meeting space
  • Market information
  • Business acceleration and investment programs
  • Tools and technologies for the design, manufacture, test and commercialization of new products
  • Linkages to customers, investors and markets around the world
  • Training and events
  • Functional business experts in IP, sales, marketing, finance, Human Resources, and Public Relations

It puts these capabilities within the financial reach of companies as they are taking flight and throughout development, and enables entrepreneurs to:

  • Explore, experiment, and invent
  • Learn, challenge, and collaborate
  • Develop, prototype and validate new technologies, products and services
  • Launch and grow successful companies

And connect internationally to

  • Customers
  • Investors
  • R&D Business Partners
  • Distributors
  • Suppliers