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The Prototyping Lab at Bayview Yards remains committed to serving you during these uncertain times. To discuss your project needs and outcomes, the Design team would be delighted to schedule consultations via a web conferencing tool. We will continue to offer fabrication services, including 3D printing and the use of CNC tools, however expect longer lead times as we are limited in our capacity and dependent upon material availability from 3rd party suppliers.

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Mission & vision

We help innovators, entrepreneurs, SMEs, R&D-intensive multinationals and innovative public sector teams to:


Design, develop, manufacture, adapt and/or refine a new or existing innovation, concept, technology, product or process that serve as sample, model, or release built to:

  • Test a concept or process
  • Serve as something to be replicated, iterated or to learn from


A proof-of-concept prototype that can be piloted, validated and demonstrated to customers, investors and partners to increase market, customer and investor-readiness and confidence

  • Acquire end-user feedback
  • Validate your value proposition


Leveraging the latest digital media, design and manufacturing tools, technologies and processes, our team works closely with clients to transform ideas into working prototypes with the desired functionality.

This helps to optimize quality and performance, while reducing R&D risk, cost and future hurdles.

What we do

All prototyping projects are executed through five key phases.

Our team has the expertise and capabilities to support clients through any or all phases of a project, enabling the rapid and cost-effective transformation of a concept into a proof-of-concept prototype.

Design Phase



Research, experiment &

Build & test



Full scale design, conceptualization and prototyping services

We guide clients through every phase of a prototyping project – from initial product and design strategy to detailed design, implementation, iteration and validation. This ensures that the final product, process or innovation achieves the desired functionality, quality and performance, addressing key business goals and customer requirements.

Collaboratively, we will work with you to bring your vision to reality through:

  • Ideation & research
  • Conceptual design
  • In house fabrication
  • Rapid iterations
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Custom manufacturing and prototyping

Our suite of commercial-grade tools and technologies enable custom design small-scale manufacturing for prototyping, short run beta release or custom production. This includes:

  • Industrial design, rapid prototyping and product development
  • Design capabilities using 3D modeling tools and software
  • Rapid prototyping with multiple 3D printers
  • Small batch manufacturing and machining
  • IoT and hardware development
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Digital media services

We offer the sophisticated capabilities required to develop novel digital media products for different domestic and global markets. This includes access to industry-grade digital media capabilities that typically exceed the financial reach of entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Our team can help innovators, entrepreneurs, early-stage companies:

  • Develop and communicate their brand identity
  • Showcase and demonstrate key products and services
  • Leverage media capabilities in their product/service offering
  • Boost their investment value proposition
  • Produce video, audio, image and interactive media
  • Build AR/VR applications, motion capture and 3D animation
  • Create experiential marketing
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Who we are

Our talented team at The Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab

joanne headshot

Joanne Gardner

Director, Advanced Manufacturing & Digital Media Lab, GovTech Prototyping

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erin headshot

Erin Kennedy

Electronics Designer

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pablo headshot

Pablo Arzate

Industrial Designer

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petr headshot

Petr Maur

Graphic Designer, Videographer, Photographer

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scott headshot

Scott Rathwell

Mechanical Design
& Fabrication Manager

tom headshot

Tom O’Leary

Maker Space Assistant

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alanna headshot

Alanna Hlavacek

Client Experience
& Operations Coordinator

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Client successes

We wear our clients' successes with pride


Combining entrepreneurial passion and powerful science, Incuvers is revolutionizing research with their live cell imagining incubator. Their small-scale portable product allows for better environmental control, increased tracking accuracy, and reduced risk of contamination and human error when conducting cellular research. The Incuvers’ platform also allows scientists to directly monitor and store their experimental conditions history online for future research projects. Incuvers has leveraged many capabilities available through the Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab, from design to 3-D printing services, and most notably the Voltera system. This automated alternative to hand-printing circuit board provides unparalleled accuracy. Moreover, it conducts soldering over the course an afternoon. Today, each Incuvers unit is built from scratch, in-house, in a matter of days with the support of this Lab. This scaling Ottawa tech firm is now reaping the many benefits of this custom prototyping and achieving competitive advantage with 10 early product sales! And the ability to rapidly build, evolve, and customize their product with quality has also helped Incuvers to secure critical investment. The team recently acquired $150,000 from local angel investors, alongside funding and support from IBM, the Smart Start Program delivered by the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), and NRC-IRAP!

The Growcer

In Ottawa, a scaling social enterprise is motivated to address the challenges presented by the limited supply and high cost of healthy, fresh food in Northern Canadian communities and remote, harsh climates around the world. The Growcer builds hydroponic growing systems that enable farmers, in all climates, to grow fresh produce all year round. Their flagship product is a repurposed shipping container transformed into an indoor farm that produces up to 12,000 pounds of product annually. These novel systems are equipped with satellite control, enabling monitoring from anywhere in the world. When the Growcer initiated the development of its fourth-to fifth-stage prototype, this scaling tech firm turned to the Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab to keep costs low and validate their solution. Co-founders, Corey and Alida leveraged critical design and prototyping services to fabricate growth trays components and evolve supporting system elements. They also worked collaboratively with the lab team to solicit advice on their electronic environmental monitoring system and demo their product before going to market. In addition, when The Growcer was ready to go to market, they relied on the Digital Media team to tell their story. And with a new collaborative partnership with food-services provider Chartwells Canada, this firm is on a trajectory of commercial success.


A pilot by trade, Rick understood the threat drones pose. Highly concerned and recognizing immense market potential, he set out to design an anti-drone solution that – inspired by model rockets – could neutralize unmanned aircraft systems in a safe and controlled way. The result was a drone-disabling missile. The initial concept took 12 weeks to manufacture. The product was labour-intensive to build and highly subject to error. That was until co-founders, Rick and Shanaz turned to the Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab for help. The Custom Manufacturing Team was able to reduce a 12-week mission into a 10-hour process. The body of AirShare’s missile is now 3-D printed. Building on the success of the first project, the company is continuing to work with the Prototyping Lab. Leveraging full-scale design, conceptualization and custom manufacturing services, the team has designed and prototyped custom manufactured slitter machine and a countermeasure for rocket assembly. By capitalizing on the advanced capabilities and expertise of the Bayview Yards’ Prototyping Lab, AirShare has dramatically improved their value proposition, and unlocked new market opportunity.

Mirror Visions Technologies

Mirror Visions Technologies is improving the safety of large vehicles with a novel rear-view mirror and 360° camera feed. The team developed their first prototype in the Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab. The design leveraged 3-D printing, and a combination of traditional and advanced manufacturing techniques that integrated sensors, cameras and other technologies. The tradeshow response to the MVT- 360° has been overwhelming. The firm is returning to the Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab to design the next iteration of their solution, and preparing to present their advanced product to investors.


Cyberattacks cost companies more than $400 billion a year. Existing best practices and tools can be employed to thwart such attacks, but implementation, management, and support is often too complex and expensive for companies to undertake and sustain. An Ottawa cyber company is addressing these challenges with the support of the Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab. In January 2017, four security industry veterans launched Cyrpto4A, a company that is on a path to disrupt a $1 billion global cybersecurity hardware market by providing a quantum resistant, scalable, hardware-based security platform for government, finance, healthcare, communications and small and medium enterprises. Their cyber solution promises to significantly improve protection for Cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2X), government and military applications. The Crypto4A team leveraged the capabilities of the Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab to design, develop and manufacture two working prototypes, validate their solution, and demonstrate it to customers. Without the support of the Prototyping Lab, Crypto4A doesn’t believe their prototype would exist. The Ottawa scale-up has just built a next generation hardware security module. In the latest evolution of the product, the team fabricated many of the components that went into the 3.0 iteration. They also updated the electronics design and the layout of their custom trays. For Cypto4A, the Bayview Yards Prototyping Lab team has served as a true commercialization partner, and provided in-house support every step of the way.

Industry Partners

Flex is onsite


Flex is a world leader in technology manufacturing with specialties in electronics and original design manufacturing. We are proud to call Flex a premier founding sponsor of Bayview Yards, corporate sponsor of Invest Ottawa and sponsor of the Makerspace within our Prototyping Lab. Our partnership with Flex enables us to connect our entrepreneurs to expert design insight and global supply chains.

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