Fueling Economic Growth

The innovation centre fuels and accelerates the growth of our regional economy by:

  • Stimulating the creation of new jobs in Ottawa’s private sector
  • Increasing the capabilities, productivity and competitive edge of entrepreneurs, companies, and their partners by providing access to expertise and resources that would typically exceed their financial reach
  • Spurring the development and commercial success of firms in high-growth sectors such as clean tech, digital media, software, aerospace/defence/security, information and communications technologies (ICT), and additive manufacturing
  • Catalyzing the development and commercialization of new technologies, products and services that generate revenues for local firms and promote wealth creation across the region

Cultivating Prosperity

The innovation centre helps generate increased economic prosperity across our regional economy by:

  • Cultivating a thriving and integrated entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem that supports venture attraction, creation and expansion, and stimulates economic development
  • Helping to attract follow-on investment for local firms, and Direct Foreign Investment
  • Maximizing the efficiency, efficacy, and impact of entrepreneurial resources, capabilities and investments on entrepreneurs, firms and our community
  • Facilitating ideas exchange, linkages and collaboration among industry, post-secondary institutions and government to help stimulate learning, new opportunities for technology application, multidisciplinary R&D and business cooperation.
  • Inspiring and encouraging youth to consider a career in entrepreneurship, helping to develop the next generation of industry leaders